We Have a Vision

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My name is Taylor Chung and I am a student optician with a bachelor of technology. I want to share you my story and show you how together we can make a difference.


I never thought that I would make the career choice to become an Optician after studying Graphic Communications Management and completing my undergrad at Ryerson University. The decision felt easy because I knew I had my family to support me. Both my parents are Optometrist and they have been working in the field for over 25 years. In my second year of university, my older sister got accepted to the Optometry program at the University of Waterloo. Now, I am proud to call her, Dr. Cassandra Chung, OD. I also have an aunt, Dr. Nancy Chung, OD, who is an Optometrist. Recently, her daughter got accepted into the Optometry program at the University of Waterloo. My family has taught me a lot and I strongly believe that with our combined knowledge, together we can make a difference.


My father and I started eyeTrust with one vision in mind, which is to help the eye care community by providing a foundation where eye care professionals can better collaborate to ensure prosperity and growth. Every individual has their support network, which may consist of friends, mentors, family, role models, or even pets. I always see my parents with their support network of eye care professionals. Their network not only changes their professional life, but their social life as well. My parents have created many friends within the eye care industry and I know that is important in any career.


Together, my family and I want to help the next generation of eye care professionals by sharing our knowledge, experiences, advice, and providing resources that will jump start their career. We would also want to continue connecting with other eye care professionals to develop a stronger network that will help us grow professionally and socially. The first step to any journey is acknowledging the purpose. My mission is not only to help other eye care professionals, but to provide eye care services and products to people who need it the most.


Overall, I would love to meet and collaborate with other eye care professionals because together we can make a difference.


P.S. Meet my family: