We Have a Vision

About Us
We are a team of eye care and business professionals who make a difference for the people we serve. We have a vision to provide excellence in vision care and remarkable patient experiences. Everyday, eye care professionals carry out this vision, but how can we be better to our patients?


The values we honour and relationships built create a sense of trust for the patient. Trust is what we need more of as well as experience and knowledge.


At eyeTrust, we collaborate to develop customized solutions that will help your practice grow and embrace a culture that instills trust. We would like to be committed to your patients just as much as you are and we find value in providing them with the best care.


Our team has been practicing in the eye care industry for over 30 years and we still feel the inspiration to grow and develop. Change is not easy, but if we can collaborate then we can achieve many opportunities. Together, we can make a difference.