We Have a Vision

Mission & Values

We have a Vision…


to provide excellence in vision care and remarkable patient experiences.




To provide our customers with satisfaction, value, and trusted eye care products and solutions that will help create remarkable experiences.


Eye Care Practitioners


To help our EyeTrust network succeed and continuously grow.



  • TRUST: All long-term relationships rely heavily on trust and by having a high degree of integrity we take great pride in making relationships work. Our open-minded philosophy helps us to build and maintain lasting relationships.

  • COMMITMENT: We work to earn our pay – not just collect it. The commitment we put into our projects create value to all our customers.

  • TEAMWORK: We have that creative spark so we are fun and easy to work with (clients find that exhilarating).

  • COMMUNICATION: Our team focuses on the art of conversation to make our clients feel welcomed and engaged. Let us tell you stories and share a laugh to make our business the best experience.

  • INNOVATION: Our goal is to continually develop optimal online technologies and services. To accomplish this we take innovation seriously and always welcome new and creative ideas to the boardroom.