We Have a Vision

eyeTrust Marketing

“Optometric practice owners devote 84% of their time to the technical work

of patient care and just 16% to all other duties”


With the advancement of the internet, online technology has given marketing the opportunity to better engage customers and consumers. At eyeTrust HQ, we create marketing strategies specifically for eye care professionals to help improve trust, improve customer retention and improve patient engagement.


We have developed the “25, 10, and 5” marketing approach that will help in the following:

  • Community engagement and involvement
  • Business development
  • Customer retention
  • Customer convenience and benefits
  • Satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Sales
  • Media outreach
  • Customer relationships
  • Networking
  • Online presence
  • Technological advocacy


Contact us for a brief marketing consultation to discuss the marketing potential of your business and how you can get started.